Brock Lesnar (Wrestler) – Overview, Biography

Brock Lesnar
Name:Brock Lesnar
Nick Name:The Conqueror, The Beast Incarnate
Occupation: Wrestler
Height:185 cm (6′ 1”)
Birth Day: July 12,
Age: 43
Birth Place: Webster,
United States
Zodiac Sign:Cancer

Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar was born on July 12, 1977 in Webster, United States (43 years old). Brock Lesnar is a Wrestler, zodiac sign: Cancer. Nationality: United States. Approx. Net Worth: $28 Million.

Brief Info

He was named the WWE King of the Ring in 2002 after winning the 2000 NCAA heavyweight wrestling championship. He joined the UFC in 2007.


He won the 2010 UFC Heavyweight Championship against Shane Carwin via submission with an arm triangle choke in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Net Worth 2020

$28 Million
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Family Members

#NameRelationshipNet WorthSalaryAgeOccupation
#1Troy Lesnar Brother N/A N/A N/A
#2Chad Lesnar Brother N/A N/A N/A
Duke Lesnar
Children$1 Million – $2 Million (Approx.) N/A 10 Celebrity Family Member
Turk Lesnar
Children$1 Million – $2 Million (Approx.) N/A 11 Celebrity Family Member
Mya Lynn Lesnar
Daughter$1 Million – $2 Million (Approx.) N/A 18 Celebrity Family Member
#6Richard Lesnar Father N/A N/A N/A
#7Stephanie Lesnar Mother N/A N/A N/A
#8Brandi Nichol Lesnar Sister N/A N/A N/A
Luke Lesnar
Son$1 Million – $2 Million (Approx.) N/A 18 Celebrity Family Member
Spouse$10 Million N/A 53 Wrestler


HeightWeightHair ColourEye ColourBlood TypeTattoo(s)
185 cm (6′ 1”) 130 kg Blonde Blue N/A N/A

Before Fame

He won the NCAA wrestling championships and amassed a 106-5 record in four years of wrestling, and was cut from the Minnesota Vikings during the preseason.


Biography Timeline


Brock Edward Lesnar was born on was born on July 12, 1977 in Webster, South Dakota, the son of Stephanie and Richard Lesnar. He grew up on his parents’ dairy farm in Webster. He is of German and Polish descent, has two older brothers named Troy and Chad, and a younger sister named Brandi. At age 17, Lesnar joined the Army National Guard and he was assigned to an office job after his red-green colorblindness was deemed hazardous to his desire to work with explosives. He was discharged after failing a computer typing test and later worked for a construction company.


In 2000, Lesnar signed with the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and was sent to its developmental territory Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), where he first met future friend and manager Paul Heyman. He formed a tag team known as The Minnesota Stretching Crew with his former college roommate Shelton Benjamin and together they won the OVW Southern Tag Team Championship on three separate occasions. Lesnar wrestled several dark matches in 2001 and 2002 before being called up to the WWF’s main roster.


In January 2001, Lesnar was arrested in Louisville, Kentucky for suspicion of possessing large amounts of anabolic steroids. The charges were dropped when it was discovered that the substances were a legal growth hormone. His lawyer described it as a “vitamin type of thing”.


In June 2002, Lesnar won the 2002 King of the Ring tournament, defeating Bubba Ray Dudley in the first round, Booker T in the quarter-finals, Test in the semi-finals and Rob Van Dam in the finals, earning him a shot at the WWE Undisputed Championship at SummerSlam. At Vengeance on July 21, Lesnar lost to Van Dam in a WWE Intercontinental Championship match by disqualification. On July 22, Lesnar joined the SmackDown! brand. After a quick feud with Hollywood Hulk Hogan in August 2002, Lesnar defeated The Rock at SummerSlam on August 25 to become the new WWE Undisputed Champion and youngest WWE Champion at age 25. He also became the second fastest professional wrestler to win the WWE Championship since his debut (126 days) behind only Ric Flair (113 days). At the time, the WWE Undisputed Championship was being defended on both brands, so Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff expected Lesnar to return on Raw the following night. However, SmackDown! General Manager Stephanie McMahon declared that Lesnar was only required to defend the title on SmackDown! shows and events, prompting Bischoff to establish a new championship for the Raw brand (the World Heavyweight Championship); the WWE Undisputed Championship was then renamed the WWE Championship.

Lesnar’s rapid rise to the top of WWE in 2002 led to a feud with The Undertaker, which involved a match at Unforgiven on September 22. The match ended in a double disqualification, with Lesnar retained the title. Lesnar faced The Undertaker again at No Mercy, this time in a Hell in a Cell match. Leading up to the match, in the storyline, Lesnar broke The Undertaker’s hand with a propane tank. Despite Heyman begging McMahon not to let The Undertaker use his cast as a weapon, the request was denied and the match went on as planned. At No Mercy, Lesnar defeated The Undertaker in the Hell in a Cell match to retain the title, thus ending their feud. Lesnar would go on to successfully retain the WWE Championship in a handicap match with Heyman against Edge at Rebellion on October 26.


Lesnar’s next opponent was Big Show and Heyman was convinced more than anyone that Lesnar could not win, trying to talk him out of defending the title. Lesnar refused and defended the championship against Big Show at Survivor Series on November 17. At Survivor Series, Heyman turned on Lesnar, allowing Big Show to chokeslam him onto a steel chair and pin him to win the WWE Championship, resulting in Lesnar’s first pinfall loss in WWE. This led to Lesnar turning face for the first time. Following Survivor Series, Heyman made it clear that Lesnar would not get a rematch, and had snuck a special clause saying so into his contract. To gain his revenge on Big Show and Heyman, Lesnar interfered in Big Show’s first title defense, which came against Kurt Angle the next month at Armageddon on December 15, where Lesnar executed the F-5 on Big Show, which enabled Angle to win the WWE Championship. On the following episode of SmackDown!, however, Angle introduced Heyman as his manager and, despite promising Lesnar a title shot earlier in the evening, declared that Lesnar still would not get it. Lesnar’s rivalry with Heyman and Big Show resumed, which culminated in a match at the Royal Rumble in January 2003, with the winner being placed into the Royal Rumble match later in the evening. At the Royal Rumble, Lesnar would defeat Big Show and entered the Royal Rumble match as the #29 entry. He eliminated Matt Hardy and Team Angle (Charlie Haas and Lesnar’s former OVW teammate Shelton Benjamin), who at the time, were mentored by Angle as a 3-man stable. Lesnar would then eliminate The Undertaker last and win the Royal Rumble match, which guaranteed him a WWE Championship match at WrestleMania XIX since he was a SmackDown! wrestler. After the Royal Rumble, Lesnar and Chris Benoit defeated Angle, Haas and Benjamin in a three-on-two handicap match at No Way Out on February 23, despite Team Angle injuring their partner, Edge, backstage before the match. At WrestleMania on March 30, Lesnar defeated Angle to win his second WWE Championship; during the match, he botched a shooting star press (a move he had used numerous times in OVW) and landed on his head and neck, resulting in a concussion. This forced Angle (who entered the match with a broken neck) and Lesnar to improvise the finish of the match.

After WrestleMania, Lesnar turned his attention to John Cena, who had returned from injury in February 2003 after an F-5 into a ringpost from Lesnar, with Cena claiming that Lesnar nearly ended his career and even named his new finishing move the “F.U.” as a jab at the new champion. The feud ended in a match at Backlash on April 27, where Lesnar defeated Cena to retain the WWE Championship. On the following episode of SmackDown!, Lesnar returned to his rivalry with Big Show after, in the storyline, Big Show injured Rey Mysterio during their match at Backlash. Big Show’s attack resulted in Mysterio being carried out on a stretcher and backboard, and Big Show took Mysterio off the stretcher and swung the backboard into the ringpost, compounding the injury. Lesnar called out Big Show, who demanded that Lesnar put his title on the line against him. This led to a stretcher match for the WWE Championship at Judgment Day on May 18, where Lesnar successfully retained. During a rematch on the June 12 episode of SmackDown!, Lesnar lifted Big Show off the top-rope in a superplex which caused the ring to collapse on impact. As Lesnar and Big Show continued their rivalry, Kurt Angle returned from his neck surgery and began to form a more friendly rivalry with Lesnar, as the two were allies, yet contenders for the title. At the first-ever SmackDown! brand-exclusive pay-per-view in July, Vengeance, Lesnar lost the WWE Championship to Angle in a triple threat match involving Big Show, after he was pinned by Angle.

Survivor Series in November 2003 also marked the first time Lesnar met Goldberg from the Raw brand. After Lesnar claimed in a backstage interview that he could beat anybody in the world, Goldberg interrupted the interview and introduced himself to Lesnar, shaking hands with him before leaving with a staredown. Lesnar followed this rivalry with a feud involving Hardcore Holly. In the storyline, Holly wanted revenge on Lesnar for legitimately injuring his neck during a previous match between the two in 2002 which left Holly in need of neck surgery and out of action for a year. At the Royal Rumble on January 25, 2004, Lesnar defeated Holly to retain the WWE Championship. Later in the Royal Rumble match, Lesnar attacked Goldberg with an F-5, enabling Kurt Angle to eliminate him.

In 2003, WWE Home Video released a DVD chronicling Lesnar’s career entitled Brock Lesnar: Here Comes the Pain. It was re-released in 2012 as a three-disc DVD and two-disc Blu-ray collector’s edition to tie in with Lesnar’s WWE return. It was also expanded to include new matches and interviews. In 2016, a new home video was released on DVD and Blu-ray, as well as a collector’s edition, called Brock Lesnar: Eat. Sleep. Conquer. Repeat. and includes accomplishments from his second run in WWE.


On the October 10 episode of Raw, Heyman, on Lesnar’s behalf, challenged Goldberg to a fight after the pair had been feuding for several months through social media and during promotional work for the WWE 2K17 video game, which featured Lesnar as the cover star and Goldberg as the pre-order bonus. Heyman stated that Goldberg was the one blemish on Lesnar’s WWE career, as Goldberg had defeated Lesnar at WrestleMania XX in 2004. On the October 17 episode of Raw, Goldberg returned to WWE after a twelve-year absence and accepted Lesnar’s request for a fight with their match later scheduled for Survivor Series. On the final Raw before Survivor Series, Lesnar and Goldberg had a confrontation for the first time in twelve years, resulting in a brawl with security after Heyman insulted Goldberg’s family. On November 20 at Survivor Series, Lesnar lost to Goldberg in 1 minute and 26 seconds, marking the first time in three years that Lesnar was pinned. The next night on Raw, Goldberg declared himself the first entrant in the 2017 Royal Rumble match. The following week on Raw, Heyman addressed the Survivor Series match, stating that they underestimated Goldberg and that the match was a humiliation and embarrassment for him and Lesnar, who would also be in the Royal Rumble as he has something to prove. Lesnar returned on the January 16 episode of Raw to confront other Royal Rumble participants, attacking Sami Zayn, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns. At the Royal Rumble on January 29, Lesnar entered at number 26 and went on to eliminate Enzo Amore, Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler before confronting Goldberg, who entered at number 28 and quickly eliminated Lesnar after a spear.

After his match at WrestleMania XX in March 2004, Lesnar sidelined his career in WWE to pursue a career in the National Football League (NFL) despite not playing football since high school. WWE issued this statement on their official website,, following his departure:

Lesnar had previously signed a non-compete clause in order to be released from his contract with WWE, which prohibited him from working for any other professional wrestling companies before June 2010. However, he decided to challenge this ruling in court. WWE responded with a counterclaim after Lesnar breached the agreement by appearing at a New Japan Pro-Wrestling show in 2004. In July 2005, the two sides dropped their claims and entered negotiations to renew their relationship. WWE had offered Lesnar a contract, but on August 2, their official website reported that Lesnar had withdrawn from any involvement with the company. The lawsuit began to enter settlement talks on September 21, but did not get solved.

Lesnar was featured on the covers of Flex and Muscle & Fitness magazine in 2004 and Minneapolis’ City Pages in 2008. He is the cover athlete for the WWE SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain, UFC Undisputed 2010 and WWE 2K17 video games.


On October 8, 2005, Lesnar won the IWGP Heavyweight Championship on his debut match in a three-way match with Kazuyuki Fujita and Masahiro Chono at a New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) show in the Tokyo Dome. Lesnar is one of the few American wrestlers to have held this title. He won the match by pinning Masahiro Chono after an F-5, which he had renamed the Verdict since WWE owns the trademark on the F-5 name. After the match, Lesnar stated that this name was referring to his lawsuit against WWE, who filed a motion for a temporary restraining order to prevent Lesnar from continuing to work with NJPW on December 6, but the court did not grant it. Following that, he had two non-title victories against Manabu Nakanishi and Yuji Nagata. Lesnar successfully defended the championship on January 4, 2006, against former champion Shinsuke Nakamura. On January 13, WWE once again filed an injunction against Lesnar to stop him from defending the IWGP Heavyweight Championship which was also not enforced as he went on to retain his championship against former Sumo Wrestling Grand Champion Akebono on March 19, at the Sumo Hall. Lesnar had another successful title defense against Giant Bernard on May 3. This was the first American vs. American title match in NJPW since Vader vs. Stan Hansen in 1990. On July 15, NJPW stripped Lesnar of the IWGP Heavyweight Championship as he would not return to defend it due to “visa issues”. A tournament was held on July 16 to determine the new champion which was won by Hiroshi Tanahashi. Lesnar continued to possess the physical IWGP Heavyweight Championship belt until late June 2007.


On April 29, 2006, after the final match of the K-1 World Grand Prix 2006 in Las Vegas, Lesnar stated his intent to join K-1’s mixed martial arts league, Hero’s. He trained with Minnesota Martial Arts Academy under Greg Nelson and Minnesota Assistant Head wrestling coach Marty Morgan. Lesnar signed the deal in August. His first fight was scheduled against Choi Hong-man of South Korea on June 2, 2007 at the Dynamite!! USA show. However, prior to the match, Hong-Man was replaced by Min Soo Kim. Lesnar submitted Soo Kim with strikes in 1:09 of the first round to win his first official MMA match.

Lesnar married fellow WWE performer Rena Greek, better known as Sable, on May 6, 2006. They reside on a farm in Maryfield, Saskatchewan, having previously lived in Maple Plain, Minnesota. Together, they have two sons named Turk (born 2009) and Duke (born 2010). With his former fiancée, Nicole McClain, Lesnar also has twins who were born in 2002: a daughter named Mya Lynn (who has signed to compete in track & field at Arizona State) and a son named Luke, who plays ice hockey. He is also the stepfather of Greek’s daughter, with her first husband.

On January 14, 2006, Judge Christopher Droney stated that unless WWE gave him a good argument between then and the 25th, he would rule in favor of Lesnar, giving him a summary judgment. This would have enabled Lesnar to work anywhere immediately. WWE was later granted a deadline postponement. On April 24, both parties reached a settlement. On June 12, a federal judge dismissed the case at the request of both legal parties.


Approximately one year later on June 29, 2007, Lesnar defended his IWGP Heavyweight Championship against TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle in a champion vs. champion match, at the debut event of the Inoki Genome Federation (IGF). IGF promoter Antonio Inoki had stated Lesnar was the “proper” IWGP Heavyweight Champion as he was not defeated for the title. Angle would defeat Lesnar by forcing him to tap out to the ankle lock to win the IWGP Heavyweight Championship as recognized by IGF and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA). This was Lesnar’s last match as a professional wrestler until 2012, when he re-signed with WWE.


During UFC 77 on October 20, Lesnar joined Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). On February 2, 2008, Lesnar made his debut with the promotion in an event titled UFC 81: Breaking Point against former UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir. Due to his large hands, Lesnar was wearing 4XL gloves for the fight, making him the second man in Nevada’s combat sports history to wear such gloves, after Choi Hong-man. Lesnar secured an early takedown and began landing numerous punches, but was docked a point after a punch hit Mir on the back of the head. Following another takedown by Lesnar, Mir managed to secure a kneebar and forced a submission at 1:30 of the first round, causing Lesnar to lose in his UFC debut. At UFC 82 on March 1, former UFC Heavyweight Champion and Hall of Famer Mark Coleman was announced to fight Lesnar at UFC 87. However, Coleman withdrew from the fight due to an injury and was replaced by Heath Herring. On August 9, Lesnar defeated Herring by unanimous decision.


On December 27 at UFC 92, Frank Mir defeated Antônio Nogueira for the Interim Heavyweight Championship and was to face Lesnar for the Undisputed UFC Heavyweight Championship at UFC 98. Immediately after winning the Interim Heavyweight title, Mir found Lesnar in the crowd and shouted, “You’ve got my belt”. Due to a knee injury to Mir, the title unification match with Lesnar that was originally slated to be the UFC 98 main event was postponed. Lesnar won the postponed rematch with Mir at UFC 100 on July 11, 2009, via technical knockout in the second round. The win earned Lesnar Beatdown of the Year honors, with Anderson Silva, from Sherdog for 2009. During his post-match celebration, Lesnar flipped off the crowd who had been booing him. Lesnar also made a disparaging comment about the pay-per-view’s primary sponsor Bud Light, claiming they “won’t pay me nothin'” and promoted Coors Light instead. Lesnar later apologized for his remarks at the post-fight press conference, where he held a bottle of Bud Light and endorsed their product.

In 2009, Lesnar signed an endorsement deal with Dymatize Nutrition. A CD containing footage of Lesnar training was included with Dymatize’s “Xpand” product.


On July 1 it was reported that the winner of the Shane Carwin vs. Cain Velasquez fight at UFC 104 would face Lesnar, but the match was scrapped and Lesnar was scheduled to defend the title against Shane Carwin at UFC 106 on November 21. On October 2 Lesnar pulled out of his Carwin bout due to an illness. UFC President Dana White said Lesnar had been ill for three weeks, claiming he had never been this sick in his life and that it would take him a while to recover, therefore his fight with Carwin was rescheduled for UFC 108 on January 2, 2010. Lesnar initially sought treatment in Canada, but later told reporters that he had received “Third World treatment” at a hospital in Brandon, Manitoba and that seeking better treatment in the United States saved his life. Lesnar went on to criticize Canadian health care further and stated that he shared his experience to speak “on the behalf of the doctors in the United States that don’t want health care reform to happen”.

In January 2010, Lesnar revealed on ESPN’s SportsCenter that he was scheduled to make a return to the UFC in the summer. A match between Frank Mir and Shane Carwin took place on March 27 at UFC 111 to determine the Interim Heavyweight Champion and Lesnar’s next opponent. Shane Carwin defeated Mir via knockout in the first round, becoming the new Interim Champion. After the fight, Lesnar came into the ring and stated, “It was a good fight but he’s wearing a belt that’s a make-believe belt. I’ve got the real championship belt”. Lesnar faced Carwin at UFC 116 on July 3 to unify the heavyweight titles. Early in the first round, Carwin knocked Lesnar down with a punch, gave him a cut above his left eye and used a ground and pound attack the rest of the round. In the next round, Lesnar was able to take Carwin down, attain a full mount, then move into side-control and finish the fight with an arm-triangle choke. With the victory, Lesnar became the undisputed UFC Heavyweight Champion, earning his first Submission of the Night and giving Carwin his first loss. The win also tied a UFC record for most consecutive successful UFC Heavyweight Championship defenses.


Lesnar is an intensely private individual who has expressed his disdain for the media; he rarely participates in interviews and avoids questions pertaining to his private life. He is a supporter of the Republican Party and a member of the National Rifle Association, making an appearance at the NRA’s annual meeting in May 2011 to discuss his passion for hunting and his role as a spokesman for the Fusion Ammunition company. He is a fan of the Winnipeg Jets, and all three of his sons play ice hockey.

On December 15, 2011, Lesnar was charged with hunting infractions on a trip to Alberta on November 19, 2010. Two charges were dropped, but Lesnar pleaded guilty to the charge of improper tagging of an animal. He was fined $1,725 and given a six-month hunting suspension.

Lesnar co-wrote an autobiography with Paul Heyman, titled Death Clutch: My Story of Determination, Domination, and Survival, which was published by William Morrow and Company in 2011.


Lesnar returned to WWE on April 2, 2012, on Raw, as a heel, by confronting and delivering an F-5 to John Cena. The following week on Raw, General Manager John Laurinaitis revealed that he signed Lesnar to bring “legitimacy” back to WWE and become the “new face of the WWE”. Laurinaitis also scheduled Lesnar to face Cena at Extreme Rules in an Extreme Rules match. At Extreme Rules on April 29, Lesnar lost to Cena despite dominating the match.

Since Lesnar’s debut, he was portrayed as a powerhouse athlete. He is often called by his nickname “The Beast Incarnate” or simply “The Beast”. During his initial run when he was consistently main-eventing, WWE was in what is labeled by the company and fans as the “Ruthless Aggression Era”. His go-to finishing maneuver for his entire career has been a fireman’s carry facebuster known as the F-5 (or The Verdict when he wrestled outside of WWE). After his return in 2012, Lesnar focused on an MMA-oriented gimmick, sporting MMA gloves during his matches and adding the Kimura lock as a submission hold. Lesnar is also known for performing several suplexes (especially German suplexes) on his rivals, with these often being described as the opponent being taken to “Suplex City”, named after an ad-lib Lesnar delivered to Roman Reigns during their WrestleMania 31 match. Lesnar has been managed by Paul Heyman for the majority of WWE career with Heyman being Lesnar’s mouthpiece for storylines and feuds.


In a 2013 post on his blog, Attack on Titan author Hajime Isayama revealed that he drew inspiration from Lesnar for the character of the Armored Titan.


On the December 30 episode of Raw, Lesnar returned with Heyman to challenge the winner of the upcoming WWE World Heavyweight Championship match between Randy Orton and John Cena at the Royal Rumble. Lesnar then dared any wrestler who disapproved of that notion to challenge him, which was answered by Mark Henry. The ensuing brawl ended with Lesnar delivering an F-5 to Henry. The following week on Raw, Henry challenged Lesnar again, only to have Lesnar dislocate his elbow with the Kimura lock in storyline, which led Big Show to come out afterwards to confront Lesnar, thus starting a feud which was settled at the Royal Rumble on January 26, 2014, where Lesnar defeated Big Show after attacking him with a steel chair before the match began. On the February 24 episode of Raw, Heyman stated that Lesnar had requested a match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XXX, but received an open contract to face anyone else of his choosing instead. The Undertaker then returned and attacked Lesnar with a chokeslam through a table, setting up their match at WrestleMania XXX. At WrestleMania on April 6, Lesnar defeated Undertaker after executing three F-5s, ending his undefeated WrestleMania streak at 21, a feat that was described by Sports Illustrated as being “the most shocking result since the Montreal Screwjob”.


At SummerSlam on August 17, Lesnar defeated John Cena to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship; during the match he delivered sixteen suplexes (most of which were German suplexes) and two F-5s to Cena, who barely managed any offense. In a rematch at Night of Champions on September 21, Lesnar was disqualified due to Seth Rollins interfering, but retained his championship. Later in the year, Rollins reunited with The Authority and was added to Lesnar’s and Cena’s championship match at the Royal Rumble on January 25, 2015, making it a triple threat match, which Lesnar won despite (storyline) breaking a rib during the match.

Though Lesnar said he was “closing the door on MMA” in March 2015, UFC announced on June 4, 2016 that he would return at UFC 200 on July 9. WWE confirmed it had granted Lesnar “a one-off opportunity” to compete at UFC 200 before he would return to the company for SummerSlam on August 21. Lesnar, representing Canada for the first time in his career, defeated Mark Hunt by unanimous decision, avoiding 19 of Hunt’s 30 attempted standing strikes and taking him down four times to land 43 significant ground strikes (32 in the final round). He also was paid a UFC record $2.5 million purse. This record was broken at UFC 202 by Conor McGregor, who was also the previous holder.


The following night on Raw, Lesnar challenged Goldberg to a final match at WrestleMania 33. On the February 6 episode of Raw, Goldberg would accept Lesnar’s challenge whilst also being named number one contender for Kevin Owens’ Universal Championship, which he won at Fastlane thus turning his match with Lesnar into a title match. At WrestleMania, Lesnar beat Goldberg to win his fifth world title in WWE and became the first man to have won both the WWE Championship and the Universal Championship. Lesnar also became the second person to kick-out from Goldberg’s Jackhammer and gave him the first clean singles loss of his professional wrestling career. After several weeks of feuding, Lesnar’s first title defense came at the inaugural Great Balls of Fire event on July 9, 2017, where he successfully retained against Samoa Joe, before defeating him a second time for the title at a house show.

On December 15, it was confirmed that Lesnar was fined $250,000 and suspended from competition for one year by the NSAC. He would be eligible to return in July 2017. As a result of the suspension, the result of his fight with Mark Hunt was overturned to a no contest. As of January 2019, Lesnar has yet to pay the fine.

On February 14, 2017, it was reported that Lesnar had notified UFC he was retiring from MMA for the second time. On July 7, 2018, Lesnar stormed the cage after the main event fight at UFC 226 and challenged the new UFC Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Cormier. On July 8, USADA confirmed that Lesnar had begun the process to get back into their drug-testing pool.


After his title win, Lesnar was scheduled to face WWE Champion AJ Styles at Survivor Series in another Champion vs Champion non-title match. However, five days before Survivor Series, Styles lost the WWE Championship to Daniel Bryan on SmackDown. At Survivor Series, Lesnar overcame a late rally from Bryan to defeat him. Lesnar then successfully defended the title against Finn Bálor via submission at the Royal Rumble on January 27, 2019. The next night on Raw, Lesnar attacked 2019 Royal Rumble match winner Seth Rollins with six F-5s, setting up a title match for WrestleMania 35. At WrestleMania, Lesnar attacked Rollins before the match. Rollins then attacked Lesnar with a low blow while the referee was down and pinned Lesnar, ending his second reign as Universal Champion at 156 days.

At Money in the Bank on May 19, 2019, Lesnar surprisingly replaced Sami Zayn in the Money in the Bank ladder match. Before the match, Zayn had been attacked backstage. Later, the match began with only seven of the scheduled eight participants. At the climax of the match, Lesnar ran in, took out Ali, who was on top of a ladder, and won the Money in the Bank contract, granting him either a Universal Championship or WWE Championship match at any time of his choosing within the next year. After teasing cashing in on Universal Champion Seth Rollins and WWE Champion Kofi Kingston and failing an attempt to cash-in on Rollins at Super ShowDown, Lesnar successfully cashed in his contract to win the Universal Championship from Rollins at Extreme Rules on July 14 right after Rollins and Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch had retained their respective titles against Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans in an Extreme Rules mixed tag team match. At SummerSlam on August 11, Lesnar lost the title back to Rollins, ending his third title reign at 28 days.


UFC officials were targeting a bout between Lesnar and Daniel Cormier for the UFC Heavyweight Championship, however, according to Dana White, Lesnar decided not to fight and is “done” with MMA. However in September 2020 Dana White said he could make a mega-fight between Brock Lesnar and Jon Jones if both fighters wanted it. Also Bellator president Scott Coker has shown interest for booking a fight for Brock Lesnar, hoping to make a match between Brock Lesnar and Fedor Emelianenko.

Upcoming Birthday

Currently, Brock Lesnar is 43 years, 9 months and 29 days old. Brock Lesnar will celebrate 44th birthday on a Monday 12th of July 2021.

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  1. Brock has written an autobiography which provides a unique glimpse of his route to the top.
  2. After graduation from college, Brock Lesnar signed the most lucrative contract with WWE of all time.
  3. When studying at college, Brock Lesnar shared the room with Shelton Benjamin, an ex-superstar of WWE.
  4. Brock Lesnar’s voice does not fit his brutal image. Brock Lesnar’s advocate always speaks for him in WWE for this reason.
  5. What are his other passions apart from wrestling and football? 
    Brock is keen on hunting. Very often he hunts deer in Canada. Brock Lesnar was once even fined approximately $2000 for the illegal hunting.
  6. Has he ever tried his hand at another kind of sports? 
    After four years with WWE, the man got down to mastering American football with NFL.  However, Brock Lesnar turned back to wrestling after a while.
  7. Has he got any tattoo? 
    In 2005, Brock Lesnar got a tattoo of the sword inked on his body. That period was very stressful for the sportsman. Brock Lesnar felt as if the life was holding the sword near his throat. However, the guy accepted this challenge and overcome all his inner threats.

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Name: Winnie LauOccupation: SingersGender: FemaleBirth Day: July 24, ...